Staircase storage

Big Inspiration from Tiny Homes

One of the biggest home building trends of 2017 is the Tiny Home. A complete living space in just a couple hundred square feet, these homes are leaving a major impression on the construction industry. 

Even if you aren’t on board with living in such a minuscule space, the Tiny Home movement is providing great inspiration in homes of all shapes and sizes. From modern style to impressive functionality, these Tiny Home features can be incorporated and expanded upon in a regular home design or remodel.

Strategic Storage
One of the most impressive features of the Tiny Home is the ability to create an abundance of storage in a small area. No space goes to waste in these homes, which is something any regular sized remodel can learn from and take advantage of. Whether it be hanging storage on the back sides of doors or stackable containers under furniture, Tiny Homes are experts when it comes to strategic storage inspiration for regular home designs and remodels.

Solar Sensibility
For such small spaces, Tiny Homes have a big impact when it comes to the environment. Equipped with solar capabilities, these homes are energy efficient and reliable. This green trend is perfect for regular sized homes looking to cut down on their energy usage, and help out the environment. Investing in solar panels and capabilities like those on Tiny Homes, is a functional decision that is both trendy and impactful.

Intricate Stairs
The calling card of a true Tiny Home is the use of detailed stairs. Even in such a small space, Tiny Homes take advantage of their stairs, making them a focal point of the house through intricate design and functionality. This trend can be translated into regular homes easily and affordably. Consider covering your stairs in a bold carpet, or even staining them in a shade slightly different than that of your wood flooring. You can even add in under stair storage to get both a beautiful staircase, and functional space.

While the Tiny Home may not be the best living arrangement for everyone, every home can benefit from the trends this building strategy is making. Whether you are looking to add style or practicality to your home, the Tiny Home movement is sure to inspire your design or renovation.

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