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How to Best Use Project Photos on Social Media

As a remodeler, you want potential clients to be able to see the top notch work you do, and get inspired by it to hire you for their own personal projects. One of the best ways to quickly reach a wide audience of potential customers is to showcase your past and current projects through photos on social media.

While the idea of posting project photos on social media may be overwhelming, this simple sharing step will open your construction business up to endless new potential, and help you to showcase all of your hard work and successes in one place.

Some of the best ways to utilize project photos on social media include:

Document Daily
Be mindful each day of a project to take photos of any big updates you complete, and then share them on your social media. Did you finish tiling a kitchen backsplash today? Snap a picture, and share on your social platforms a short sentence or two about the work, and the type of tile you used. By sharing short snippets of your daily work, clients will enjoy the behind the scenes look, and start gathering ideas for their own projects.

Side by Side Comparisons
One of the best ways to showcase the great work that you do is to post before and after shots of your projects online. Did you just complete a deck renovation? Post a picture of the deck before you started, followed by a picture of the completed project. When your audience sees the incredible work that you do, they will get excited about hiring you for their upcoming remodel.

Create a Portfolio
When you post photos on your social media sites as well as your website, you are instantly creating an online portfolio where people can look back on your past projects. An online portfolio is great for gaining clients, but be sure to keep your photos organized into specific albums so that your audience will be able to easily navigate and click through your photos to find inspiration for their own upcoming project. For example, file all decking projects under one album, all kitchen projects under another, etc., and don’t be afraid to keep adding albums to your portfolio as your work continues and grows.

Social media is an easy, cheap, and effective way to reach a large audience of potential clients. When you use social media to your advantage by posting project photos, new customers will be able to see the impressive work you do, and become inspired to team up with you on future remodels.