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Benefits of a Screened In Deck Area on Your Home

Summer has arrived in Kansas City, and that means more time to spend outside with loved ones. Whether you are busy playing games with your kids or doing crosswords with your spouse, there is nothing quite like a relaxing day on your deck. This summer, take your deck experience to the next level with a screened in structure. 

Rising in popularity, screened in decks have wide ranging benefits for homeowners. From practical uses to stylish advantages, some of the benefits of screened in decks include:

Elimination of Pests
One of the biggest frustrations of time spent on regular decks is the constant need to dodge pests. Midwest summers are notorious for annoying mosquitos, but with a screened in deck, pests are kept away from you and your loved ones, making your time spent in the space infinitely more enjoyable.

Increased Curb Appeal
It’s no secret that screened in decks give a polished look to your home, but they also increase the overall value of your space as soon as they are installed. Quite simply, a screened in deck will make your house the most appealing in the neighborhood.

Ability to Bring the Indoors Outside
Screened in decks allow for you to enjoy the great outdoors, from the comfort of inside. These enclosed areas immerse you in the beauty of nature while giving you all of the advantages of indoor living.

Improved Safety
When you install a screened in deck, your home’s safety rating will be vastly improved. These structures not only help to keep kids away from deck stairways, but they also protect you and your loved ones from severe weather that may pop up unexpectedly over the metro area.

Screened in decks are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to remodeling your home. Not only do they give your family numerous instant benefits, but a screened in deck will also allow for continued gratification and memories made years after the initial installation.

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