ZIP System R-Sheathing

Benefits of ZIP System™ R-Sheathing

An all-in-one panel built to protect your home, ZIP System R-Sheathing is unlike any other. This innovative material, complete with continuous polyisocyanurate foam insulation to increase thermal performance, provides your home with the structure, insulation, and weather protection it needs. Where “Code Meets Comfort”, R-Sheathing by ZIP System provides a number of benefits for your home.

Four ways you will benefit from ZIP System R-Sheathing include:

The foam insulation of the R-Sheathing works in conjunction with an engineered wood exterior to create a nail-able, sturdy base for windows, trim, and more. This brace adds extra strength to your home, setting it up for success for decades to come.

The water-resistive barrier of ZIP System R-Sheathing is built in to the product, eliminating the need for extra costly house wrap. This also helps your build reach a quick rough dry-in and is backed by a special 180-day exposure guarantee.

Thanks to a continuous air barrier created by taped seams, R-Sheathing prevents excess air from escaping your home. By trapping the air inside, your home uses less energy to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This creates an energy efficient space, saving both your budget and the environment over time.

Quick Installation
Completed in only two steps, ZIP System R-Sheathing can be installed quicker than other competitors. This efficient installation process also ends the need for any additional exterior insulation or house wrap necessary on other jobs.

Available in multiple insulation thickness options, ZIP System R-Sheathing makes it easy to build a home that stands the test of weather and time. Ideal for homes three stories tall or less, this superior panel combines its technology and strength to create a product you can trust for a lifetime.

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