Diamond Pier system

Benefits of the Diamond Pier Foundation System

As you start planning your outdoor home project, one of the most important factors to consider is the foundation it will be built on. Sure, wood finish options and accenting hardware are nice, but the actual foundation of your structure is what will keep it beautiful, functional, and safe for the long run. Luckily, finding the right foundation system is easy when you use Diamond Pier.

Diamond Pier’s foundation system consists of structurally rated footings that are strong enough for even the most demanding projects that Kansas City homes can offer. These footings are perfect for a wide variety of project types including decks, porches, pergolas, screen rooms, and more. Plus, there are a number of additional benefits of using this foundation system from Diamond Pier:

Increased Foundation Strength

The foundation system that you choose for your project needs to be strong enough to keep you and your family safe while withstanding the inevitable aging of years to come. The footings from Diamond’s Pier’s system provide a greater bearing area and increased resistance compared to conventional concrete footings.

Fast Foundation Installation

You will be able to complete your project 1-2 days faster with Diamond Pier’s foundation system. There are no holes that need to be dug, and only hand-held tools are needed to complete the installation within minutes. The best part is, you can begin framing immediately after installation.

The six steps for easily installing this system are:

  1. Install plugs
  2. Identify location
  3. Remove topsoil
  4. Set concrete head
  5. Drive pins
  6. Place caps on pins

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Diamond Pier offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products, ensuring that you have only the best experience possible. This warranty covers parts and labor. Learn more by visiting DiamondPiers.com

Ready to add value, functionality, and beauty to your home through a new outdoor structure? Get started with the right foundation. Diamond Pier’s line of DP 50 foundation materials are now available at McCray Lumber and Millwork. Contact us today to get started.