AZEK composite decking

Benefits of Having a Composite Deck in the Winter Months

Traditionally, decks were built from wood. However, with the scarcity, increased prices, and growing periodic maintenance of lumber, building decks with composite materials like railings or deck boards has become more common. If you are somebody who cannot withstand annual maintenance for your wooden deck, then composite decks can be a real treat for you. For the most efficient and latest composite decking in Kansas City, AZEK decking is your choice.

AZEK deck boards have led their way to the deck market through their unique low maintenance decking. Composite decking is the best material in winter months because of its three major advantages over the usual wooden decking. Such as:

  • Composite decking contains both wood and plastic. The plastic shields the wood by forming a protective layer over it. Hence, the wood fibers form a mold resisting decking which are not susceptible to mildew or other toxic growth in winter months.
  • Composite decking is not vulnerable to temperature changes, blowing wind, or freezing. Therefore it does not warp, split, or crack under extreme climatic conditions.
  • Composite material makes the deck moisture resistant. Its maintenance requires only sweeping or spraying which is easy ever in winter months.


All the above benefits add to generate composite and durable long-lasting decking that suits both your comfort and environment.