Benefits of Going Green with your Home Project

Benefits of Going Green with Your Home Project

It is 2019, and everywhere you look people are talking about going green. No longer just a trend, but rather an environmental movement, going green in the housing industry consists of using eco-friendly products, like recycled or reclaimed materials, to build your home.

The benefits of going green with your next home project are numerous and can include perks such as:

Eco-friendly materials last longer.
Most composite and engineered building materials are more durable than their standard counterparts thanks to the extra strength that comes from the binding agents they are made from. For example, a deck made with composite lumber is more resistant to scratches, stains, and rot than natural wood. These strong pieces will also save you money over their lifespan, since they do not have to be replaced as often as traditional materials.

Many green products help eliminate mold in your home.
When you build your home with green building products, you can help cut down on the threat of interior mold, improving the health and breathing quality of you and your family. By using high-performing, eco-approved house wraps or rain screens, you will keep moisture out of the most sensitive areas of your home, eliminating the chance for mold to grow.

Going green gives your home extra value.
Not only do you earn the bragging rights of helping to save the planet, but your home’s overall value will increase since more and more buyers are searching for eco-friendly homes. Plus, your home will simply look better and attract better offers thanks to the long-lasting, durable natures of green building products.

Whether you are a hippie at heart or are simply looking for a way to improve your next home project, going green is the answer. Easy to do and gaining in popularity, choosing eco-friendly building materials for your home will help you – and the planet – thrive for years to come.

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