Advantech Subflooring

Benefits of AdvanTech® Subfloor

Nothing can give secret midnight snacking habits away quite like floors that creak loudly under tip toes. Those same loud floors can be the annoyance that downstairs neighbors grow frustrated with each day in an apartment complex as the people upstairs simply walk from the bedroom to the front door. That is why homeowners and commercial builders are choosing AdvanTech subfloors in order to create quiet, high-quality houses and apartments.

Engineered with top-of-mind longevity, AdvanTech subfloors have a number of benefits for Kansas City homes, including:

Incredible Strength and Silence
Due to its high wood density, AdvanTech subfloors are able to hold their strength better and longer than standard competitors. The expert engineering of the material helps to provide bending ability, proper stiffness levels, and the power to hold nails securely, leading to the quiet floor residents crave.

Leading Moisture Resistance
By protecting against swelling, cupping, and delamination, subfloors by AdvanTech stay in top-condition during the construction process and for years after. This reduces both extra costs and time needed to get the floors exactly the way they need to be.

Easy Installation
The tongue and groove profile of these subfloors creates an easy, fast installation during builds and remodels. The simple-to-use fastening system also adds to the process, making AdvanTech a proven choice for contractors across the country.

Supported by a 500-day no-sanding guarantee, AdvanTech combines superior strength, technology, and installation to create a subfloor you can trust. Gone are the days of squeaking your way across the house or being awoken in the middle of the night by your upstairs neighbor, and instead enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a quiet, high-quality subfloor.

To learn more or to get AdvanTech for your Kansas City subfloor needs, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.