Mud room

Back to School Remodeling Ideas

Now that the kids are back in school, you finally have time to do the things you really want – like completing a remodeling project or two. Plus, remodeling during fall gives you all of the benefits of a job well done and an area that can be enjoyed before the holidays arrive. Whether you want to make a big change or simply spruce up a space a little, spend some of your extra kid-free hours over the next few weeks working on a home remodeling project.

Three projects that can easily be completed during the last of the summer weather include:

Mud Room Makeover
Your mud room is often the first place the kids land when arriving home from school, which is why it likely is covered in backpacks, shoes, and coats haphazardly tossed aside. Give your kids a little help keeping the space clean and organized by installing strategic shelving like shoe racks, backpack hooks, or coat rungs. Consider even installing individual lockers or cubbies so that there is a dedicated space for each person’s belongings, and no excuses for future messes.

Front Porch Upgrade
Watching the school bus pull away is much more enjoyable when you have a front porch to relax on. Add new life to your front porch this season by installing new railing or light fixtures. Not only will this look great, but it will also add to the overall safety of your porch. If slowly sipping coffee each morning is your thing, also consider adding furniture like a porch swing to the space.

Deck Remodel
Make the most of the warm weeks by remodeling your deck. By expanding the square footage, opting for engineered wood, and choosing stylish rails and lights, you will give yourself an outdoor oasis to enjoy while watching the kids blow off steam in the backyard after their homework is done. A new deck is a great investment to make now, that pays off in wonderful experiences over the years ahead.

Updating your property while the kids are back in school is an easy way to add both value and functionality to your home. Get started with one or more of these Kansas City remodeling ideas today, and enjoy the benefits for seasons to come. To learn more or to get started on your home renovation project, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.