Storm Door

Add Energy Efficiency and Protection from the Elements with a Stylish Storm Door

In addition to enhancing your home’s entry area and adding an extra level of security from intruders, a quality screen door offers a variety of additional benefits.

Kansas City experiences extreme weather, from sizzling heat during the summer to ice, snow and frigid temperatures in the winter. A storm door creates a barrier between your entry door and the elements, which can cause your entry door to fade, warp, or crack. That same barrier against the elements also helps increase your home’s energy efficiency by reducing air leaks and creating an insulating air pocket between your entry door and the storm door. For additional energy efficiency, look for storm doors that include low-emissivity coating on the glass.

Storm doors are also a great way to allow in additional sunlight while keeping bugs outside.  If your storm door has a screen, you’ll have the added benefit of increased ventilation, which can reduce your need for air conditioning in mild weather.

There are a few different types of storm doors to pick from:

  • Full-view or partial-view storm doors typically include a glass panel that can be interchanged with a screen to use during mild weather when you want to let in fresh air. Full-view storm doors are typically not recommended for doors that get more than a couple of hours a day of direct sunlight unless the storm door is ventilated or heat will build up and potentially damage your entry door.
  • Ventilating storm doors have a half or full screen that is permanently in place. Ventilating doors allow fresh air and ventilation into your home. One benefit of these doors is that you don’t have to hassle with changing out and storing the interchangeable panels.
  • Storm doors with a retractable screen include a screen that rolls up and stores inside the door frame when it is not in use. These doors offer the best of both worlds – a full-view door when the screen is retracted and ventilation when the screen is in place, all without having to store panels.

All three types of storm doors are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, making it easy to find one that compliments and enhances your home. In addition to your entry area, storm doors are also a great addition to back doors and other exterior doors on your home. McCray Lumber and Millwork offers both stock and custom storm doors from top manufacturers like EMCO and Larsen.