70 Years in Kansas City

70 Years in Kansas City

2017 marks the 70th year anniversary of McCray Lumber and Millwork. Over the past 70 years, McCray Lumber and Millwork has grown alongside the Kansas City community. With humble roots and a passion for service, McCray Lumber and Millwork has expanded over the past seven decades, more than doubling in size and yards, helping it to become a Midwest leader in building materials.

Much like McCray Lumber and Millwork, Kansas City has also grown and flourished over the last several decades in history. In fact, a look back in time shows just how much the town has changed in the past 70 years.

Housing Costs
In 1947, when McCray Lumber and Millwork was founded, the average price of a new house in Kansas City was $6,600. Considerably lower than today’s modern average of $294,000 to build a new home, homeownership 70 years ago was just as popular, if not more so, than today’s trend of long term renters.

Picture Perfect
70 years ago, the first ever Polaroid Camera was invented, becoming wildly popular in cities all over America, including Kansas City. As the first instant photographing contraption, the Polaroid Camera became an instant sensation, and remained a household item well into the age of digital development. In fact, many Kansas City residents still use updated Polaroids to capture that classic aesthetic.

Marshall Plan Implications
In 1947, the Marshall Plan was introduced as a way for the United States to help Europe recover from World War II. Affecting the pockets of Kansas City residents and businesses, this plan called for over $12 billion to help rebuild Europe, resulting in the open and prosperous relationship that our country and Midwestern community still benefits from in 2017.

While much has changed over the past 70 years, McCray Lumber and Millwork’s commitment to the Kansas City area will never waiver. Whether in 1947 or 2017, McCray Lumber and Millwork’s dedication to the innovation of building materials has helped to keep Kansas City growing and moving forward.