McCray Lumber Blog - 5 Things to Think About Before You Build Your Deck

5 Things to Think About Before You Build Your Deck

With warm weather finally arriving in the Kansas City area, homeowners across the metro are beginning to dive into projects to ready their property for the seasons ahead. One of the most popular warm weather tasks is building a deck, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind before getting started.

Don’t pick up that hammer or start laying boards quite yet. Before building your new deck, you should take into consideration these five things:

The first thing to consider before starting your deck build is what kind of style you want. Research trends, such as those made with composite materials or metal accents, and then determine which will fit best with your home’s existing aesthetic. By combining the primary exterior style of your house with top industry trends, you’ll be able to plan for a deck that will add priceless beauty to your space.

While you’re deciding on a deck style, take into consideration the practical functionality you want with your new structure. Do the stairs need to lead to an existing patio? What’s the exact square footage you wish to cover? By getting these details nailed down now, you won’t run the risk of any surprises when the first nails actually start going into your new deck.

Once you’ve narrowed down the style and functionality of deck you want, put all of your choices together in one spot. The Deckorators Deck Visualizer is a great tool that allows you to build a virtual deck and see what the finished product will look like before any investment is made. This tool is incredibly useful and helps eliminate the stress of having chosen clashing hardware late in the installation process.

To get the best deck possible, you’ll need to partner with a contractor you can trust. Check out contractors online and seek referrals from friends and neighbors who recently built new decks themselves. After you’ve narrowed down your list, meet with contractors to really get to know them, how they work, and if your visions will fit together well. Industry Tip: The Kansas City NARI organization is a great starting point for finding reputable contractors in the area.

After you’ve chosen a contractor and have a solid plan as to what deck you will be building, create a detailed schedule and get in the contractor’s books as soon as possible. This will allow building materials to be bought with enough time to spare and keep you from having to continually push back the date of that BBQ you set to break in the new structure.

Building a deck is an exciting project but is best completed when well planned. Don’t just start throwing together boards, but instead, make a thorough design plan, partner with a professional you trust, and create a realistic schedule everyone can abide by. With just a little effort ahead of time, you’ll create a deck that you can reap the rewards of for many years to come.

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