Diamond Kote® Siding Visualizer

Diamond Kote® Siding Visualizer

Renovating your home’s siding is a big project, and one you should not take lightly. After all, your siding does encompass practically your entire house and is the first thing people notice about it. Ensure you get the best siding possible – and that it looks the best – by using the Diamond Kote Visualizer.

Available online, the Diamond Kote Visualizer allows you to see your siding before you buy it. Easy to use, this digital tool helps take the guess work out of the siding remodeling process, leaving you confident of your project before the first piece is installed.

The Visualizer by Diamond Kote can be utilized in three different ways:

Sample Home Design
Select a sample home photo from the provided library, and design your siding on it. Simply find a photo of a house similar to your own to get a good idea of what different siding styles, finishes, and colors will look like with your project.

Personalized Design Service
Submit a photo of your home’s exterior to the team at Diamond Kote, and in just a few days they will return a masked version to you for just $25 per image. Once completed by the experts, you can upload the photo to the online Visualizer to pick and choose different customized siding options for your remodel. This process gives you an unmatched professional look at your chosen siding, allowing you to experience the end result of your remodel before committing.

New Project Upload
Already have a good image of your home available? Upload it as a new project and start designing instantly. This option in the Visualizer provides the opportunity for you to get as creative as you would like with your own home’s image while figuring out which siding options work best for you.

No matter which option you choose for using the Diamond Kote Visualizer, saving your project for future reference is easy. Whether you are just playing with ideas now or are creating a solid plan for your remodel, you can save all customization selections to your account so that they are ready for you each time you log in.

Remodeling or replacing your home’s siding does not have to be a bothersome chore. Get started customizing yours today with the Diamond Kote Visualizer and experience the joy of personalizing each piece of your project. To learn more or to get started choosing the details of your next siding installation, visit McCray Lumber and Millwork today.